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The Faculty of Forestry originated from the Jagiellonian University of Cracow. A new Unit of Forestry was formed in October 1946 as a part of the Faculty of Agriculture at the Jagiellonian University, thanks to the initiative and endeavours of Professor Dezydery Szymkiewicz. Also in 1946, the name of the Faculty was changed to the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, which was composed of two separate units: Agriculture and Forestry. Finally, in September 1949, an autonomous Faculty of Forestry was founded. However, in 1951 the student admissions were stopped by the Ministry of Higher Education, and in 1954 the Faculty was finally closed down. Thanks to the efforts of a group of professors led by Professor Tadeusz Gieruszczyński, the Faculty of Forestry re-opened in 1963. In 1982, the Faculty of Forestry was given a permanent site at al. 29-Listopada 46 in Kraków, and in 2008 it became part of the University of Agriculture renamed from the Academy of Agriculture.

Details (in Polish): https://wl.urk.edu.pl/zasoby/3/historia%20wydzialu.pdf


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